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The WHY of the VALUES BASED Approach!


Sinek explains the millennial question in greater detail, and suggests a starting point in which we can support young people in overcoming these challenges.

The documentary The Mask You Live In features Ehrman, and explores the concept of modern masculinity and the impact it has on our society.


Meeting the NEEDS of our Next Generation.

Athletics can serve as a safe context in which to model, support, and challenge young people to develop psychological skills.  In providing this context our focus is to instill the undeniable values of respect and love in a practical way.   Young people will learn that developing and managing relationships based in understanding the needs of self and others (Respect) and choosing to act upon this understanding (Love) must be at the heart of everything we do.  This Values Based approach to the game of basketball is the basis for success and significance in the game of life! 

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